Tatsumi Manjiro

Noh actor

Noh actor of Shite-kata Hosho school

Tatsumi Manjiro was born in Kobe in 1959. He studied under Hosho Fusao, the 18th Generation Head of Hosho school, and Tatsumi Takashi, his father. Manjiro, born to a Noh family of generation, succeeds tradition, promotes Noh and produces new Noh plays. He has directed and acted in Macbeth, Othello, Samson, Rokujo, Douton, Hao, Komyo, Hougen Story, Oshokun, Taishi-no-kokoro, and Jinmu. Manjiro is a director of Hosho-kai, and president of Japan Art and Culture Strategy Organization (JACSO). He has been promoting Noh inside and outside Japan as “Japan Cultural Envoy” of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Manjiro also serves as Noh performance board member of MOA Museum of Art. He is a Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (collective recognition).