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(Regarding the Handling of User Information)

Personal information kept by the Argerich Arts Foundation is maintained and managed in an appropriate and careful way, as follows:

Personal information of users of this site is not disclosed or provided to any third party without the consent of the user, except in the case that it is requested by an order based on a law, except in the case that the Foundation provides such information within a necessary scope for fulfilling an entrusted job to an outsourcing contractor who has an obligation to observe the rules and regulations of the Argerich Arts Foundation dealing with the protection of personal information.

(Copyright Information)

All the information published on the website of Argerich Arts Foundation – text, photographs, illustrations, etc. – is copyrighted. In addition, the entire site is considered an edited copyrighted work, and as such is protected by both Japanese copyright laws and international treaties.

It is not permitted, without previous consent, to duplicate, republish, or divert (transfer) the contents of the site, except for reproduction and quotation for personal use, as recognized by copyright law.

For those wishing to use the contents of the site beyond the range of personal use, it is necessary to get prior approval and permission from the Argerich Arts Foundation, which runs the site. In some cases, you may be required to pay a fee. You are requested to contact the office of the Foundation beforehand.

(Disclaimer Information)

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information published on the Argerich Arts Foundation website, we cannot accept any responsibility for any action that a user of the site makes when using the site’s information.

We also cannot accept any responsibility for any harm or damage suffered by a user of the site on account of having accessed the site.

Information on the Argerich Arts Foundation website may be changed or deleted without warning at any time. No warning of such changes will be made, either, except for cases deemed important by the chairperson of the Argerich Arts Foundation. We ask for your understanding about this point.

(Information about links to the Argerich Arts Foundation website)

As a rule, only make links to the site’s top page:

If you want to make a link to another location on the site besides the top page, we ask that you contact the office of the Argerich Arts Foundation beforehand.

It is not allowed to make links to individual files making up an article on the site, such as individual photographs and the like. © 2022 ARGERICH’S ARTS FOUNDATION All Rights Reserved.