Tani Akito


Tani Akito won First Prize, Iwatani, Nomura, Iguchi, Kawai, Miyake and Argerich Arts Foundation Prizes at the 90th Music Competition of Japan, Second Prize (no first prize winner) and audience prize in the piano division at the 18th Tokyo Music Competition, Superior Grade Bronze Prize at the 44th PTNA Piano Competition, 2020 Kitakyushu Citizens’ Culture Awards Encouragement Prize, First Prize at the 1st International Tchaikovsky Online Piano Competition for Young Musicians, First Prize at the 17th Czech Music Competition in Japan, and the 6th Arion Toho Music Award. He won Special Prize at the 20th Hamamatsu International Piano Academy Competition and with the recommendation of the late Nakamura Hiroko he performed in a TV program “Untitled Concert.” Tani also received the 38th Kirishima International Music Festival Award and Tsutsumi Tsuyoshi Music Director Prize. He won First Prize and Moonlight Prize as the youngest laureate at the 21st Hupfer Tosu Piano Concours. Tani performed in the Toppan Hall Lunch Time Concert Vol. 97 and Vol. 101. He has performed with many orchestras including the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra, Kitakyushu Grand Philharmony Orchestra, and Korean Symphony Orchestra. Tani received the 2021 Rohm Music Foundation scholarship. Currently he studies under Okamoto Michiko, Suzuki Hironao, and Nagano Eiko. Tani is a third grade scholarship student at Toho Gakuen Music High School.