Koga Ryoko

emcee reciter

Koga Ryoko was born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She is an announcer, picture book specialist, and disaster prevention specialist as well. She joined Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd. in 2001 and became independent in 2020. Koga has appeared on many music programs and news programs. As a picture book specialist, she is a regular narrator of the picture book recitation corner “Yo-Mi-Ki-Ka-Se” (meaning “reading books” in Japanese) on Tokyo FM’s “What I Wanted to Talk to Someone About by Yamazaki Reina.” Koga is also a disaster prevention specialist, and has a wealth of experience in covering disaster-stricken areas and producing and appearing in disaster prevention programs. As a collector and researcher of disaster prevention picture books, she also focuses on events and seminars that combine picture books and disaster prevention. Koga is in charge of narration for TV, radio, and WEB commercials for government public relations.