I am deeply sorry to hear that Ms. Ida Haendel has passed away.

She performed at our Music Festival in 2004 and gave a superb performance.
Her Franck Violin Sonata in A major with Ms. Martha Argerich provided us with a special experience. Martha also enjoyed the conversation and performance with her.
In her master class, Ms. Haendel passed down to the students what she had developed for a long period of time and her precious inspiration. It was a rare opportunity for not only the students who had lessons from her but also the audience who luckily attended the class.
Ms. Haendel was a great artist who actively performed as a legend. She was frank and kind to everybody. I will take my fortune that we could spend wonderful time together with her to heart.
We all would like to extend our sincere gratitude to her and we hope she rests in peace.

July 7, 2020

Kyoko Ito
Vice Chairperson, Argerich Arts Foundation
General Producer, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu