It is happy to hear that Governor Hirose of Oita Prefecture set up Martha Argerich Day in celebration of my 80th birthday.
What makes me happier than anything else is that you understand the role of classical music in society through my Music Festival.

Japan is one of my long-standing activity fields: a pillar of my activities. Since I visited Oita and Beppu for the first time in 1994, I have experienced some "firsts" that carry significant meaning in my life, such as the official position, the first music festival bearing my name, and Argerich's Haus and the piano Marthita for my exclusive use presented by Mr. Shiiki Masakazu with the support of many people.
Added to this is the "Martha Argerich Day."

There is nothing merely a formality in these things: They contain warm consideration and tender affection, such as friendship and human connection, which gives me a sense of protection as if I were at home, a feeling that cannot be expressed with words.
Especially Beppu is a place of familiarity for my family as well.

Following the philosophy we have had in mind for our activities so far, I will hope and believe together with you that the arts have a useful role in society and help foster harmony and a sense of tolerance among people, paving the road to a society where people can live alongside each other peacefully.

I hope the spirit that set up the commemorative day will reach people around the world to cherish the present and create a future with hope. To realize this with my dear friends, I will be back to Oita and Beppu any number of times.
President, Argerich Arts Foundation
General Director, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu
Honorary Citizen of Oita Prefecture

- Martha Argerich Day -