- Give your message to the viewers.

Hello. I hope you will not be bored with my talk.
I hope you are well, in good health, and smiling. Merci.

- How do you find the Beppu Argerich Music Festival?

My stays, on the whole, have been very wonderful. They really are so.
I feel as if I were at my own home. It feels great. I am captivated.
And I feel I am loved and cared for.
I feel everything is really harmonized there. It is very different from other places.
I can rest peacefully.
The concerts and projects have been special. I like the Pinocchio project and concerts at the Noh Theater very much.
I have my friends there. This is very important for me.
Kyoko Ito-san, her mother, Madame and Mssr. Eto, Hongo-san, the people concerned and all the staff there.
There have been many fantastic things, and I have many good memories.

- What do you think of the future direction of the Music Festival?

I think we will produce something every year.
I am not good at planning, in particular under this current situation where I have to wait for a long time.
Perhaps, when some idea comes to me, I catch it like this.
Unfortunately, the Music Festival was cancelled this year.
So, all of us wish to hold it next year.
Let's hope we will be able to hold it with joy and everybody will be healthy and able to share interesting ideas.

- What has music done in the past and what can it do in the future?

I think music is something eternal, perhaps it existed before humans, probably.
Past, future, and music, but what kind of music?
Music is vast, and if anything, eternal.
It may possibly have happened with the Big Bang.
We do not know when it will end, and I do not want it to end.
Music should continue with the universe.

By the way, regarding education and music for society,
it is good for children to learn music when they are young.
Their world will broaden through learning music. Their senses will be enriched and it will make their brains develop better.
They play instruments, take interest in music and love music.
This will be connected with their lives, behavior and sensibility, and many other things.
Music is something very extraordinary! It is difficult to explain with words.
Music is beyond words. I cannot describe it with words.
It is like air. This is what I can say.

Martha Argerich
President, Argerich Arts Foundation
Interviewed & videotaped by Stéphanie Argerich
Geneva, May 27, 2021

- Martha Argerich Day -