April 1 2021
Message for the Argerich Arts Foundation press release

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations on the opening of the 22nd MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu this year.

We hear that this year is a quite commemorative one marking the 27th year, or a quarter century, since Ms. Martha Argerich, General Director of the Music Festival, visited Oita for the first time, and the 25th year since she assumed the post of General Director of the Music Festival. I would like to offer my congratulations on the opening of the Music Festival that has been highly rated for such a long time, and our company greatly appreciates that we have been able to help sponsor this great event since 2005.

Nippon Life Insurance Company has promoted social contribution activities to support children in the culture, sports, and environment fields. This is based on our strong desire for children to value the independence to voluntarily think and act, foster the thoughtfulness for other people, and develop power to open up the future.

The theme of this year's Music Festival is "Music and SDGs - To meet the future." Argerich Arts Foundation has been driving its motto "Always thinking the role of the arts in society." Music heals people's minds and gives courage. Music is always alongside people's lives. We deeply sympathize with the thinking of Ms. Martha Argerich and Ms. Ito Kyoko embedded in this Music Festival that they aim to help children, a driving force of the future, to develop rich spirits through music.

Our company too has been promoting SDGs as a life insurance company to realize a society where every generation can live with peace of mind. We are truly happy to play a role in this Music Festival, and we would like to continue diverse social contribution activities to back children who will create the future.

In conclusion, I would like to pray for the great success of the Beppu Argerich Music Festival.
Yamauchi Chizuru
Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Life Insurance Company

- Notification of the 22nd MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 2021 -