Now more than ever, I pray that all people will work together to overcome the crisis of the infectious disease facing our human race. I strongly hope that everyone, regardless of skin color or age, with or without disabilities, can fulfill the lives bestowed on them. Together with you, I sincerely wish that our Music Festival will be resumed.

November 30, 2020

Martha Argerich
President, Argerich Arts Foundation
General Director, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu

We were hesitant to make an announcement about our Music Festival next year with the novel coronavirus still spreading around the world, but we are determined to step forward to the future while sincerely thinking of what we can do together with the President of our Foundation Ms. Martha Argerich under such difficult conditions. I think we can overcome this difficulty with the wisdom of human beings, but for some time we must think out how we should live through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will do our best to hold the Music Festival by taking epidemic prevention measures as strictly as possible with the united efforts of all of us. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

We are preparing for the Music Festival next year while continuing to discuss with Ms. Martha Argerich. We will retain the theme: Music and SDGs ?| To meet the future, deeply sympathizing its objective to aim at sustainable society, an issue of increasing importance, and the concept of leaving no one behind.

We sincerely look forward to sharing the joy of music with you. Your further support would be appreciated. We hope you take care of yourselves.

November 30, 2020

Kyoko Ito
Vice Chairperson, Argerich Arts Foundation
General Producer, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu

- Notification of the 22nd MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu 2021 -